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“We are very pleased with the translations we receive from William Victor. The quality is noticeably better than with other providers we've worked with in the past. Response time is very fast, and translations are always delivered on time."
Vincent Forestier,
Survey Sampling International

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William Victor Translations

William Victor is a global translation and content writing company working in major world languages. We serve the market research field with native translations of survey questionnaires, open-ends, panelist profiles, industry white papers, newsletters, invitations, web site copy, and more.  Our specialist translation teams and rigorous project management ensure that translations are completed on time and to the highest quality standards.

We understand market research

At William Victor, we understand the specific translation needs of market research clients.  For example, we know that clarity and absence of ambiguity are paramount when translating survey questions or profile fields.  The translator must not only convey the meaning of the question, but also ensure that it is formulated so that the response will be equivalent in both languages.  For translations of white papers or marketing copy, we offer translations that reflect an understanding of market research concepts and use the correct industry terminology in the final language.

Specialist translation teams

We're unique among translation providers in our focus on the creation of specialist
translation teams based on the field and specific subject matter of each translation.  We
believe that the translator's background knowledge in the field of the translation is a crucial factor in the success of the result.  Translators must be capable of understanding the source document fully, and must be able to convey the concepts in their native languages using the correct terminology of the field.  They also need to understand the context of the translations and how the translations will be used; for instance, whether they are directed to panelists or clients, whether they are aimed for data collection or marketing.

We take quality seriously

Quality at William Victor begins with translator selection.  Our translators are always native speakers of the target language -- that is, the final language of the translated documents.  We choose translators not only for their translation skills, but also for their ability to produce a polished written text in their own language.  That's one reason why fewer than 3% of applicants pass our screening process.  But quality is about more than expertise and skills -- it's about consistency, getting it right every time.  We use a standardized project management process which takes every translation through a series of predefined quality steps and checkpoints to maintain a consistent level of excellence and a strict adherence to deadlines.

The expert choice:

Companies who are serious about quality save time and money by relying on William Victor for their translation needs.  They know that we'll get each translation done right, the first time around.  For those who can't afford to take chances with their translations, trusting in the experts is the right choice.

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