“When we’ve used William Victor to translate Web content, everyone has been delighted with the results.   Our clients came back to us to ask how we’d managed to get such good translations.”
Petra Hummel

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William Victor Translations

William Victor is a global translation and content writing company working in major world languages. We offer native translations and transcreations of all types of advertising and marketing materials, including websites, brochures, newsletters, direct mail campaigns, presentations, white papers, and more.  Our specialist teams and rigorous project management ensure that translations are completed on time and to the highest quality standards.

Marketing translations are different

Translations of marketing materials have to do more than just convey the concept and meaning of the original text.  They also have to work as effective marketing copy in the target language.  And there’s often a lot at stake in the quality of the translation.  It can define the foreign image of a company or determine the conversion rate of a campaign.  At William Victor, we understand the critical nature of marketing copy, and our teams of specialized translators and local writers produce marketing translations that work.

We take quality seriously

Quality at William Victor begins with translator selection.  Our translators are always native
speakers of the target language -- that is, the final language of the translated documents.  We
choose translators not only for their translation skills, but also for their ability to produce a
polished written text in their own language.  That's one reason why fewer than 3% of
applicants pass our screening process.  But quality is about more than expertise and skills --
it's about consistency, getting it right every time.  We use a standardized project management process which takes every translation through a series of predefined quality steps and checkpoints to maintain a consistent level of excellence and a strict adherence to deadlines.


In addition to translations, we offer a transcreation service for clients who are interested in adapting their texts for the local market.  A faithful translation is not always the best option for marketers.  The same idea can sound different in different languages and different cultures, and even a skilled translation of a marketing text might not always produce the desired results.  At William Victor, we have teams of native writers in many countries who are knowledgeable about the local cultures.  Working closely with our transcreation clients to understand their objectives and the level of adaptation desired, we provide them with foreign language versions of their copy that meet their marketing goals.

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