William Victor S.L.  - Company Register Listing (Madrid): Volume 24868, Book 0, Folio 60, Section 8, Page M-447671

William Victor S.L.

  • The information that William Victor S.L. (the "Company" )  receives from users of this website via online forms or through the transmission of documents is treated with the utmost confidentiality.  Information sent to our website will be used exclusively to provide information about the services offered by our Company, and any documents which are received by the Company will be used solely for the purpose of performing such services.
  • Registration for the services offered on our website requires the collection of certain personal data.   In order to provide these services, William Victor SL collects from the user specific data which the Company considers essential.  During the process of data collection, the user will be informed of which fields are necessary.   If this required information is not provided, it will not be possible to perform the requested services.   
  • Further, with respect to data collection, the user may exercise all applicable rights provided by law, including rights of access, rectification, or cancellation of data, and, if relevant, the right to challenge the data, as well as the right to revoke prior consent for the release of data.  These rights may be exercised by sending a written request with the user's signature to the following address: Calle Viriato 2, 6o 39, 28010 Madrid, Spain, or by sending a request by e-mail to  The request should contain the following information: the full name of the individual or company, an address for notification purposes, a photocopy of the requestor's passport or national identity card, and designation of the right being exercised.
  • William Victor SL will store such personal data and will take all required steps to avoid its alteration, loss, or unauthorized handling or access, in compliance with all applicable regulations concerning the registration, maintenance, and protection of databases.
  • The data will be stored in a server which meets all security requirements, located in Warsaw, Poland.
  • This policy is governed by Spanish law.   In the case of any ambiguity in the interpretation of these provisions relating to differences in translation, the Spanish language version will apply in all cases.
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