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“William Victor went the extra mile to provide us with content which perfectly fit our communication objectives and was culturally adapted for our European panelists. The team is also always a pleasure to work with!"
Sabrina Naqvi,
Greenfield Online

Best Practices in Global Communication

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Your content solution

William Victor has teams of native writers in many languages for content truly adapted to your target markets.  We provide content for websites, newsletters, brochures, white papers, blogs, and more.  Our top-level writing teams produce writing that adds real value to your organization.  Our rigorous project management and quality control ensure that all your projects are completed on time, and to your exact specifications.


Creating fresh content in-house is time-consuming and demanding.  Leaving writing projects in the hands of professionals can be more efficient and produce better results, while freeing you and your team to focus on running your business.  For foreign language content, using a native writer is often more cost-effective than investing resources first in content creation and subsequently in translation.

Localized content

No matter how well your content is translated, the subject matter, tone, or approach may feel "foreign" to readers in other countries.  There are many aspects of a culture that are difficult to guess without first-hand knowledge, such as holidays and customs, notions of politeness and political correctness, and the public figures and household products that are part of people's everyday lives.  Our local writing teams are a way to give your business a truly international style and to avoid cultural mistakes that could lose you customers.

Serious about quality

A strong quality orientation is at the core of everything we do, from the rigorous selection and screening of our professional writers to our project management and quality control systems.  Our clients are confident leaving their projects in our hands because they know that the results will be publication-ready and completed according to deadline.

Customized and confidential

Reduce your workload without reducing your control. Your preferences and goals are our starting point, and we'll develop content 100% adapted to your business and your requirements.  And we apply a strict confidentiality policy to every project we manage.

One-stop solution

With both translators and writers on our teams, we can design customized solutions to meet the exact needs of your organization.  For example, in the case of a newsletter sent to multiple countries, you might prefer to translate company news but to create local feature articles for each country for maximum relevance to your readers.  Contact us for a free consultation to discuss how we can optimize your global communications.

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